Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Art lovers, collectors, curators & critics are invited. 
Ownership is the highest form of appreciation! 

" My studio is on the 4th Floor of the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago.  I give a monthly open house there each 3rd Friday of the month. 5pm to 10pm at 34th Place and South Racine in Chicago.  Enter via the dock stairs to the elevator."  Appointments are welcomed:  773-7261610 or .

 "How is this for a little fan art by me?"

 "My studio sits on the East Bank of the Chicago River."

 "Being at one with my art".  I am including pictures of myself so folks will know a bit about the artist who makes the Rhythmistic art."

 In the early '80s  ONLI STUDIOS published this 'zine to promote and explore the creative arts.

"I was a voting member of NARAS meaning the Grammies.
I also managed and was the creative director of the
AKIBOARDS female techno-band.  The '80s were like that.
Boy.....the 20th century rocked!!!!!"

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