Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sept. 15th 2017 was the opening reception of Black & White photo portraits by Tony Smith of various major players in the Chicago Art scene. On exhibit at the historic, newly designated "National Treasure" ( the black space here is the link to the story) "National Treasure" by the National Trust,  the South Side Community Art Center in the ever changing  Bronzeville District of Chicago. 

Here an executive of an organization of art collectors is reviewing a portrait of Turtel Onli, ,his own image along with many other members and participants of the Black Art Scene. Onli is shown in sun-glasses.

Onli started his career there in 1970 and has maintained his professional and creative practices association with the SSCAC over the decades.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Onli's practice often includes a narrative quality that he inherited from his tenure as a major-market illustrator. He inserts Rhythmistic abstractions in each painting or drawing to expand the reach of his future-primitif adventures to expand and explore this genre. 

Above: Prof. Onli  with "Blue Evils" acrylics on canvas and "The Alchemist" Acrylics on museum profiled canvas. From the Artistic & Spiritual Legacy colleciton.
Below: "Play Angels" Oils on museum profiled canvas from Onli's "No Evils" Collection.