Thursday, July 5, 2012

"I Dream of Jimi"

 "I Dream of Jimi" was an evolving collection of drawn and painted Rhythmisitic 2-D images inspired by the kindred creative work of Jimi Hendrix, Not fan-art or the illustrating of his lyrics, but visual art and music inspired by his concepts. The collection was created from 1968 until 1995. While the images survive on DVD the collection was destroyed in a studio fire in 2001. 

Onli used to exhibit the collection as a tribute to Rhythmistic  ideas & processes in the visual and sonic domains.  The DVD featured Hendrix inspired music arranged and composed by Aki Antonia & Randy Hardy.

It can be found on You Tube as "I Dream of Jimi."

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"The Rhythmic Zone"

"The Rhythmic Zone is a world of its own."

Unlike artists such as certain Pop Artists or Imagists, whose works were often derivative of comic-books as source material, Onli's original artwork is in relationship with his own line of graphic novels and the powerful images he selects to become Rhythmistc fine art.  His independently  published graphic novels are often the Yin to his fine-arts Yang in his Rhythmistic experiments with the narrative, concept, design and process.  Both are valued forms of expression.