Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Prof. Onli  is currently preparing selected Rhythmistic Visual Fine Art for a major exhibition Summer of 2019 at the Box Factory For the Arts in upscale St. Joseph, Michigan-USA.

This showcase will give intelligent curators and collectors the unique opportunity to experience varies pathways in Onli's decades long dynamic Rhythmistic practice as he is now on the threshold of his Vintage Phase.

Theme 1: “Outsider In”
“All hail the outspoken, the outré and the odd,” the report declares, somewhat breathlessly. “As we become ever more inundated with mass-replicated imagery and aggregated articles, our appetite for unique messengers and standout visuals increases with each and every share… consumers are rejecting anything that has even the slightest whiff of Goliath… We’ve entered a new Age of the Strange.”

Current world events are causing hesitation in spending–buying patterns show some caution, but not when it comes to the arts.

Most art market report and agree that current uncertainty in politics and economics is affecting high-end spending. People are turning to experts and data to guide their decisions, and statistics show a shift from buying art from auctions to art dealers.

Recently art dealers are closing 63% of art sales, while auction houses experienced a 19% decline in sales in 2017. Trust, transparency, and discretion are key factors that collectors seek in a dealer’s reputation.

Overall, the outlook for the global art market is increasingly positive with an 18% increase in a positive outlook combined with an 8% decrease in negative opinions.

Mid-market prices between $10,000 and $50,000 see an uptick, while artworks over $1 million see a pullback.

Meanwhile, because of changing spending patterns, galleries are reserving high-dollar art pieces in their stock to avoid flooding the market and driving prices down. Buyers are feeling more confident with mid-market prices, and with this rise in optimism, collectors are purchasing more emerging, though riskier, artists.

Monday, May 6, 2019

CHICAGO- Rhythmistic visual artist, Turtel Onli, is preparing selected art from his various collections to be in his coming retrospective-type exhibition this Summer in the Series Five Exhibition Program of the Box Factory For the Arts in St. Joseph Michigan.  Onli is known for his Rhythmistic narrative paintings and drawings that he produces around a unifying theme resulting in a compelling body of work.  With the Series Five program he is expected to present for curators, smart collectors and art lovers samples from several of these collections.  Onli coined the term Rhythmism in the early 1970s to explain his future-primitive practice.  Series Five, including artists Susan Teague, Erica Roberts, Lauren Stienhofer & Jennifer Zona, will showcase their art throughout the Box Factory For The Arts.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Box Factory For the Arts 
in St. Joeseph Michigan, USA

Rhythmistic visual fine art by Prof. Turtel Onli will be featured in the annual  prestigious Series Five artists' exhibition at the Box Factory For the Arts in St. Joseph Michigan July 19th until Aug. 24th, 2019. Onli will be presenting a rare insightful sampling of important  Rhythmistic works created since 1999. Including watercolors, textiles, oils , acrylics and selected drawings.

Curators, collectors, and educators will especially appreciate experiencing Onli's varied Rhythmistic treatments of media,  concepts and humanity in a future-primitive narrative context.

Exhibition Link

Monday, October 8, 2018

Work in progress:  This will be part of a 4 ft square panel set 
of four for the evolving "Rhythmistic Quilts" collection exhibition.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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Bernadine Bröcker Wieder, Co-Founder and CEO of Vastari, said: ‘Exhibitions are an important revenue stream in a time where museums and galleries need to behave increasingly entrepreneurially to build sustainable futures. We see the Vastari reports as invaluable tools in helping museums operate more efficiently and with an informed perspective on how best to collaborate, tour and finance their exhibitions. At Vastari, we believe that to share culture and knowledge is to keep it alive and we are inviting museums around the world to participate in this dialogue for the benefit of international audiences.’

Founded in 2012, Vastari is an online resource which connects exhibition producers, museums and galleries, private collectors and art logistics and administration companies around the world to improve the experience of bringing exhibitions to audiences.

Key findings of the reports include:

• There is a surplus of demand over the supply for Fine Art exhibitions, indicating that there is ample room in the market for producers of Fine Art content.

• Museums consider cost to be very important when choosing exhibitions, but rate exhibitions’ profitability as one of the least important factors.

• 30% more North American institutions host travelling exhibitions than European institutions, meaning that European exhibition producers could benefit more from transatlantic collaboration.  

Thursday, June 14, 2018

 To offer critical insights to this collection Prof. Onli published his limited edition "No Evils" Rhythmistic art / prose book that re-contextualizes the ancient Chinese proverb: "Heed No, Seek No, & Speak No Evil!".

Art is financial
Some collectors will argue that economic and cultural worth cannot be disentangled. This is something noted be it by the collector, businessman and investor. It acknowledges and esteems art as a cultural investment, he also carefully considers the possible long-term returns on investment for the artists themselves and for the collector.

Sunday, May 6, 2018