Thursday, June 14, 2018

 To offer critical insights to this collection Prof. Onli published his limited edition "No Evils" Rhythmistic art / prose book that re-contextualizes the ancient Chinese proverb: "Heed No, Seek No, & Speak No Evil!".

Art is financial
Some collectors will argue that economic and cultural worth cannot be disentangled. This is something noted be it by the collector, businessman and investor. It acknowledges and esteems art as a cultural investment, he also carefully considers the possible long-term returns on investment for the artists themselves and for the collector.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunday, April 1, 2018

 The"Rhythmistic Quilts" Collection is doing well. 

Prof. Onli is open to important venues and opportunities such as exibitions, artist-in-residency or having them placed in collections and archives.  

The resurrection of these powerful future-primitif quilts are the intersection of the formalities of selected traditional or rare icons contextualized to achieve their unique look. Each was subject to the destructive forces of a devastating studio fire in 2001. They were spared to total destruction.  Now new life is flowing into this body of work.

They are the result of research done at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago along with contributions from several fiber-artists or craftspeople over the course of decades in production. 
 Currently master-quilter Patrick Whalen is the lead quilter who has stepped in to complete these vital works.
Art is cultural
Art collecting has a history that spans millennia. Art has always been an inherent part of culture and has the power to bring about great change within societies.

What excites many passionate art patrons is the possibility of developing their own personal taste and interpretation on artworks. By prioritising personal preference over profitability or ‘popularity’, a collector can assemble a unique collection and advance the appreciation of an emerging trend, a dynamic style, a particular artist, the history of art and even its evolution.

These quilts belong in the most precious of collections be they personal of institutional.  They are a nexus of research, fertile technique and cross disciplined collaborations.

"When they exclude Rhythmistic visual art they affirm its exclusiveness!"

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Building or growing a fine art collection requires taking a more holistic view of art. Whilst a work may prove to be a worthy financial investment, its value extends much further. The cultural value in art is of a much greater significance. Art is the result of the expressive nexus of skills and passions and as such is an investment in people and culture, rather than simply a means by which to deepen our pockets. 

Though art often have a price tag, art itself is priceless.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

 Prof. Onli was featured in a dynamic signing and discussion about the ONLI STUDIOS' line of Rhythmistic Graphic Novels at the amazing Lambiek, in Amsterdam, which is the oldest store & distributor of Graphic Novels & BD in all of Europe.
 Bros Irie and Boris greeting Onli upon arrival.
 OOOPS a Bros-fight broke out over the sole ONLI STUDIOS sweatshirt.  In conclusion it will be displayed in the Lambiek for all to appreciate.
The Lambiek is jammed packed with products, creativity and positive vibes!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

 The Rhythmistic illustrations from indie ONLI STUDIOS' Graphic Novels are included in both editions of "Black Comix"! This explosive genre is a nexus of visual & literary art, and Onli is among the few to actually be a proven innovator in both practices. This is akin to being a proven composer and musician in Modern Jazz and Classical music.  Rare.....if ever!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Early Rhythmistic art by a youthful Prof. Onli was selected as the first album cover art in this amazing landmark art-book! The art is shown below. 
When considering the role of art as an investment it is important to ponder the unique qualities and characteristics that art possesses.

"The momentum of the 1960s civil rights movement and the explosion of Rock music and the underground press in that decade impacted Jazz in amazing ways, both musically and culturally. Years before Punk, musicians like John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra, Don Cherry, The Art Ensemble of Chicago and others took control of their work by recording, releasing and distributing their music themselves, often in runs as low as 500 copies. As a result, Jazz music got a whole new look. The record sleeves of this era (roughly 1965-1983) are as iconic and historically unique as the music itself."

This landmark album cover was created by Prof. Onli in 1973. It expresses unique notions of higher intellectualism in a raw Rhythmistic context.  The visual worlds are catching up to his vision and practices but not embracing this practice with resources.  But this war is far from over!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"I am moving to extend this textile based quilted art collection of future-primitif Rhythmistic visual art. The goal is to connect with collectors and curators who feel the creative vibe of an older Black man whose art and practice is not a tribute to oppression or a nod to violence....but artistic intellect! It just takes the right few!!"