Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Friday, August 9, 2019

 During this talk Onli went over core aspects of his life long artistic practice and how it stems from the hard wired impulse of humans to exaggerate when creating images of humanity.

He reviewed how he discovered this trait about himself in elementary school and nurtured it over his 50 plus years of being a professional/career artist.

His term "Rhythmism" addresses how the past.present/& future are always about and within the intuitive and imaginative flow of most artistic practices.  More than a is the root of his practice.

 The Box Factory For the Arts knows how to promote the Arts as a vital part of community life.
 Onli showing the Rhythmistic treatments he and quilter Patrick Whalen gave this traditional Teke masque icon.
 During his presentation Onli went into his professor model and opened with the BBC DVD insightful feature "More Human Than Human".
 Onli's fine art works tend to be produced on themes. Collections such as the Watermelon or No Evils typify this practice.
 From personal books to major Rhythmistic fine art....a life long practice yields a great deal to appreciate.
 The press is often open to Onli's works. The greater challenge is having his works included in museum collections, corporate collections and collections of serious fine art collectors. The trends and times are catching up to Onlis decades long practice as curators and art directors are becoming more accepting of his future-primitif distinctions.
A major female art collector on a studios visit questioned how Onli could depict women as natural positive powerful goddesses, not simple sex objects,..... though he is a practicing, openly heterosexual male.  She went onto say that had he been a woman of even Gay she would have purchased his artwork.  

Onli thanked her for her candor and felt she spoke the logic that so many others operate with when they have such a dysfunctional response to him as the artist behind these impressive art works.  She also added that she was impressed at how his art was legit, skilled, expressive with substance not fluff, and real.  But she still was not willing to buy from him.  

Hmmmm! Her lost.  More enlightened collectors, curators and dealers are out there.