Monday, May 6, 2019

CHICAGO- Rhythmistic visual artist, Turtel Onli, is preparing selected art from his various collections to be in his coming retrospective-type exhibition this Summer in the Series Five Exhibition Program of the Box Factory For the Arts in St. Joseph Michigan.  Onli is known for his Rhythmistic narrative paintings and drawings that he produces around a unifying theme resulting in a compelling body of work.  With the Series Five program he is expected to present for curators, smart collectors and art lovers samples from several of these collections.  Onli coined the term Rhythmism in the early 1970s to explain his future-primitive practice.  Series Five, including artists Susan Teague, Erica Roberts, Lauren Stienhofer & Jennifer Zona, will showcase their art throughout the Box Factory For The Arts.

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  1. You have completed an impressive body-of-work, Turtel! Congrats!