Thursday, September 15, 2016

                               RHYTHMISTIC MANIFESTO 1978 - 2016 

Prof. Onli M.A.A.T. 

The Logic                               The Value                             The Expectations

Rhythmism is a fertile visual art modality that is based on the principle of repetition in the visual domain along with a narrative that is suggestive or derived from a universal future-primitif perspective. Be it fine art, architecture, fashion, illustration, drawing, movies, toys, or digital applications. Rhythmism is a growing genre. Onli first introduced the term in 1978 in a solo exhibition in Paris France at the Foyer Internationale de Accueil.

The showcase was entitled, “Presenting My Rhythm”.  It was included on a culture destination tour and was visited by hundreds of tourists during its full month run.  Here Onli was able to explore with visitors from Asia, South American, Europe, African and other countries his emerging practice. He has made this intelligent creative approach a key factor in his creative career practices in fine and commercial art.  Many have used the term or manifested the distinctly opulent aspects of this genre. Onli did not invent it; he simply gave it a name.  Rhythmism! It responds to personal, fine, commercial or industrial demands. It is both esthetic and expressive.

Now comes the task of institutionalizing Rhythmism.

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