Thursday, May 21, 2015

Philip Glass once stated that music is about listening and that art is about looking.
"Perhaps the best thing that about time spent in the art room becomes apparent when you leave it, and find the world around you sharpened…. heightened….tilted a degree off the axis of the ordinary! Do you have an art room?"
From the book "How To Look At a Painting" by Justin Paton.
"Aesthetics is for Artist what Ornithology is for Birds!": Barnett Newman
"Looking to communicate through the words of others while working to be better in the old school art or fine art making. Rhythmistic or not."

" I am crafting my original art along the guide lines and pathways to arrive at the level of  Rhythmistic Master works. Rare. Powerful. Impactful. Bold. Beautiful when possible. " 

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