Monday, May 25, 2015

Vintage Rhythmistic Video Link:  The area just before this sentence is a  link shows Rhythmsitc art created in Onli's pre-Paris. Circa 1976

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Note to serious collectors, curators and producers:  "At ONLI STUDIOS Ownership is the highest form of appreciation!"

"I love the public forum of group or solo exhibitions but now my focus is to deliver my better Rhythmistc original art into major collections be they personal or institutional. This seems stage perfect for me and my practice after exhibiting and being published in various situations since my career's launch in 1970.  I still feel the smell of oils is the smell of art."

Prof. Onli is limiting the public exhibition of his Rhythmistic Fine Art to a few select prestigious opportunities. However his art is available during studio viewings:  In monthly open house settings or scheduled billable appointments. ONLI STUDIOS is located in the Bridgeport Art Center at 3400 South Racine in Chicago, on the east banks of the Chicago River. Studio #3110.

Call 773-726-1610 USA in Chicago. Or by email:

Taking time to share out the progress in a few oil paintings. While I work with intent and goals the process is always full of welcomed surprises. Followed by the excitement of watching paint dry as it talks to me. Indigo over mauve.  Feathers alive instead uniform. Tenderness in both. One started in 2004 the other in 2008.

No art before its time. Libby Lumpkin once wrote that " the authority of a work of art resides in the richness and complexity of our responses to it." Discover is not a set system.

 "Place Setting" above, "Birds of Paradis" below. Both in oil on canvas. Above canvas board. Below stretched canvas. In the era of quick opinions and digital imaging I still fine excitement in the application of escalating painting and its potential.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Philip Glass once stated that music is about listening and that art is about looking.
"Perhaps the best thing that about time spent in the art room becomes apparent when you leave it, and find the world around you sharpened…. heightened….tilted a degree off the axis of the ordinary! Do you have an art room?"
From the book "How To Look At a Painting" by Justin Paton.
"Aesthetics is for Artist what Ornithology is for Birds!": Barnett Newman
"Looking to communicate through the words of others while working to be better in the old school art or fine art making. Rhythmistic or not."

" I am crafting my original art along the guide lines and pathways to arrive at the level of  Rhythmistic Master works. Rare. Powerful. Impactful. Bold. Beautiful when possible. "