Tuesday, March 6, 2012

 "Itz A Rhythmistic World" is my Cool Globe that was featured in this article. This collection of Public Art directs attention to the challenges of dealing with global warming."

" Here I am standing with a recent commission. "Alchemie". In oils on canvas."
 "Isis Eyes" is an 40"W X 30"H acrylics on canvas.
Rhythmistic painting looking for the right collector.

"Here is my positive fun filled comic book dealing with going "Green" in the city.
It features resource a study tips for going green.  One city at a time."

"This 30" X30" oils on canvas painting is part of my growing
 watermelon collection known as the "Passion Fruit" collection." 
"Melon & Orchids".

 "I was fortunate enough to be one of several artists to be featured on these banners which were used to promote the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's "Bare Walls" annual scholarship fund raising event. I earned a BFA and MAAT from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

 Centralized themes:  Meaning I have been growing Rhythmistic art collections that deal with the "Watermelon", "No Evils", and the "Zodiacs" as central ideas or concepts to be interpreted or visualized."

In any case, ownership is still the highest form of appreciation.

 Here we are working on a Cool Globe.

 "Me", in graphite, circa 1978 while living in Paris.
Yes, I have been doing Rhythmism for a while.

 "Me again", circa 2003. In oils on 40H X 30W museum profiled canvas, looking at my studio live- space burning up in 2001.  This painting brought me back into my full Rhythmistic art practice again.

Any press is good press.  Here I am with a true American icon.

 Viewing a mural I helped a group of middle school students to create.

 This is part of an oils on canvas triptych entitled,
"As the Sirens Sweetly Sang". Each panel is 40"W X 30" H.

"My studio is actually at 34th and Racine.  In the Bridgeport Art Center. Enter via the parking lot steps.  I host an Open Studio for art lovers, collectors, curators and critics each 3rd Friday of the month".  
Time: 5pm to 10pm.  4th floor via the stairways, door and the elevator. Free admission. 
Call 773-726-1610 for appointment or details.  Ownership is the highest from of appreciation.

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