Sunday, March 11, 2012

"In the late '70s I lived and worked in Paris as an illustrator and Rhythmistic fine artist. Lucille Ellis and her good Katherine Dunham dance partner and friend, Eartha Kitt has suggested I go to Paris to chase dreams and run away from nightmares.  I went to the offices of Les Humanoid Associes to try to secure freelance illustration work with Metal Hurlant. This magazine was the basis of the Heavy Metal magazine that came to the USA and revolutionized illustration, comic books and introduced advanced production values in the form of graphic novels.  I met Moebius there and he asked, "Why can't you get work in the USA"?

I tried to explain to him that most art directors, critics and curators were not ready for me or my more sophisticated Rhythmistic work.  Even though they were impacted by its power, beauty & appeal.  He didn't understand those types of ism-schism politics that decided who gets the bigger jobs and who will not. I presented my work.  This included characters, concepts and illustrations. I was so ready for this moment. We exchanged a few words.  I left in reflection of that point. If you dare to be great, it helps to meet great people.  He was great!

I had always wanted to establish an multimedia publishing house and felt seeing their operation, I now experienced a working template.  Not the  downtown model.  But one funky and urbane. Theirs was a Euro-French movement.  Mine is Black-Rhythmistic. After that I later returned to Chicago. Published the creative arts'  'zines Papers, then Future Funk and next NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides thus launching the growing Black Age of Comics Movement.  Last year Moebius had a retrospective exhibition at the Cartier Foundation in Paris.  I sent him a few recent copies of Future Funk along with a note thanking him for is amazing life as and artist & publisher. Unfortunately, Moebius died in early March of 2012 at age 73.  He will be missed.

I wish his family, friends, fans, and legacy the best." 

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