Sunday, March 18, 2012

 Onli's images often take on  portraiture while being a bit other worldly.   Looking to achieve success as a jet setting internationally known visual Rhythmistic artist was in effect.  He called it, "Cosmopolitan Daydream"
. The peak of that period was living and working in Paris with a client base that included the very trendy MODE Avant Garde magazine, Playboy and the Paris Metro Magazine.

 Later working with the Limelight Clubs was cool too.  Beautiful diversity.  Hot music. Amazing fashion parties. Culture.  Exclusivity. Freedom. Passion. The love of creativity. Trends ahead of their time!
La Femme Chat, first drawn in Paris in 1977, lived later in promotion of the Limelight Club of Chicago. A bit of Imagist's flavor seeking its own level.  The influence of comic books, illustration, mass media and glamour is very strong here.
 "Venuses": This crowded picture plane invites the intimate safe space to feel Rhythmism in a cosmopolitan context.  Like the way the French greet folks with a series of kisses.  Up close.  Personal.  Warmth and impact...... yet dangerously delicious.
 2010: Currently Onli is packaging his series of Rhythmistic watercolor illustrations that blend the East & West Zodiacs with a lil' sumpthun sumpthun.
This Rhythmistic Gazelle was drawn during an art auction.  It is the basis for a yet to be done oil painting.

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